India Eases Restrictions on Lockdown

In an announcement on Friday, the Union Home Ministry has allowed retail shops to start from Saturday, the 25th with certain limitations including 50 percent reduction in staff and enforcing social distancing and wearing of masks and gloves during the work, thus easing the nationwide lockdown further.

Last week government had allowed some relaxation for small manufacturers and farmers to continue their work by following proper guidelines in the non-hotspot zones.

The sale of other non-essential items like liquor is still prohibited and no business in large malls, market places are allowed to open till 3rd May. The areas which are categorized as hotspots, will not be given any sort of relaxation or ease.

With over 2.8 million cases and 0.2 million deaths so far, the coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest concerns that the world is facing right now. According to experts, there are three main ways to tackle this pandemic – herd immunity, development of a vaccine, and lockdown. Many countries including India have gone for lockdown as the vaccine will take some time to develop whereas the effectiveness of herd immunity is debatable.

India has reported around 25,000 coronavirus cases and around 800 deaths, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

As millions of daily wage earner being hit by the pandemic, it was necessary to provide some relaxation in continuation of their work. In absence of work, it is likely that daily wagers would face starvation, and possibly death.

The World Bank has warned developing nations of sharp recessions in 2020 and ease of restrictions on lockdown shows that India is on a way to find the escape route for it. Ease of restrictions also indicates that the government is just trying to save lives and striking a balance between pandemic and recession.