Russian PM Mishustin Tests Positive, COVID-19 on the rise

Russia saw 10,633 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, its fourth continuous record single-day increase. It now stands seventh in the list of COVID-19 affected countries worldwide with 134,687 cases. This is a dramatic turnaround from March when it was among the least affected countries. 

A total of 1280 deaths have been reported in the country with the country’s capital Moscow being the hardest hit. Authorities have also mentioned that almost half of the total new cases were initially asymptomatic.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has also tested positive for the virus. He informed this in a video conference with President Putin. A day before, Mishustin had said it was uncertain when the restrictions in the country would be lifted and the borders reopen.

“The everyday increment in cases has generally balanced out however this mustn’t quiet us down, the circumstance is still intense,” Russian President Putin said. “The pinnacle isn’t behind us, we are going to confront another and difficult period of the pandemic… the fatal danger of the infection remains.” Russia has also extended its lockdown till 11 May.

Health workers of the country are enraged at the situation since more than two dozen health clinics have been shut down for quarantine owing to frontline doctors being affected by the virus. Russian media and NGOs have reported pleas from health workers who have been pushed to work in dangerous situations amidst the outbreak without the pre-requisite protection kits. Bureaucracy, they say, has taken a toll.